Iranian Studies: иранистика в России и СССР

Всем, кто интересуется иранистикой в России и Советском Союзе, рекомендуем ознакомиться с последним выпуском журнала Iranian Studies: “Russian Orientalism to Soviet Iranology: The Persian-speaking world and its history through Russian eyes”. Отдельные статьи журнала можно приобрести на сайте издательства ( или бесплатно скачать на сайте (при наличии университетской подписки). Публикуем здесь оглавление номера:



Guest Editors’ Preface and Acknowledgements

Stephanie Cronin & Edmund Herzig

pages 645-646


Introduction: Edward Said, Russian Orientalism and Soviet Iranology

Stephanie Cronin

pages 647-662


The Origins of Iranian Studies in Russia (Nineteenth to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century)

Alexey Khismatulin

pages 663-673


Reflections on an Orientalist: Alexander Kuhn (1840–88), the Man and his Legacy

Olga Yastrebova & Arezou Azad

pages 675-694



Rupture or Continuity? The Organizational Set-up of Russian and Soviet Oriental Studies before and after 1917

Denis V. Volkov

pages 695-712


“Red Mecca”—The Communist University for Laborers of the East (KUTV): Iranian Scholars and Students in Moscow in the 1920s and 1930s

Lana Ravandi-Fadai

pages 713-727


Soviet Orientalism and Nationalism in Central Asia: Aleksandr Semenov's Vision of Tajik National Identity

Matthias Battis

pages 729-745


“A People Forgotten by History”: Soviet Studies of the Kurds

Michiel Leezenberg

pages 747-767


A Family Quarrel: Azerbaijani Historians against Soviet Iranologists

Harun Yilmaz

pages 769-783


Olga Chekhovich: Two Facets of a Soviet Academic

Ulfatbek Abdurasulov

pages 785-804



Soviet Civilization through a Persian Lens: Iranian Intellectuals, Cultural Diplomacy and Socialist Modernity 1941–55

James Pickett

pages 805-826