Голи Тарагги: интервью

Интервью с современной иранской писательницей Голи Тарагги, 2013 г. – о жизни в эмиграции, о женской литературе, о трагикомичности жизни и Гоголе, о цензуре в Иране.

‘My father was a writer and head of two weekly journals.  I loved to go his room and watch him writing.  I saw that he put his pen in an inkpot and drew strange little ants or flies, and all sort of tiny animals on a paper.  He said, “Look: this and this and this when put together becomes a chocolate or a big cream cake, or your name.”  I was mesmerized. It was magic. Everything was hidden in that inkpot. All the stories I wanted to write.

When father was gone, I went back to his room, climbed on a chair—I was four years old— and put my finger in the inkpot. With my fingers and his pen I started to draw ants and flies and write a story. I licked my fingers and I had ink all over my face and my white dress. I was in heaven. I was a writer, till suddenly I heard the angry cry of my mother: “You dirty brat, take off that dress and go wash your hands.”  Nobody understood that it was my first story,  perhaps the best one I have ever written.  It was washed away, and I can say that it was my first painful experience of censorship’.